At our core, we’re a technology company.
We just happen to make steel.

We have a vision for the future.

Not just for steel, but for automotive and energy too.

Electric and hybrid Vehicles are expected to represent two-fifths of the world auto market by 2019. (LMC Automotive)
A typical passenger car uses 67 grades of steel.
(Center for Collision Safety and Analysis)
Forecasters predict the demand for Advanced High Strength Steels will double by 2025.
(Ducker Worldwide)

So we built a company to take us there.
But along the way, that future became now.

Someday became today.

We had the foresight to innovate when it mattered most.

Daring to make new rules. Daring to challenge the future.

To get us there, we sought rebels.
Rebels who dared to Go Big.

Daring to re-imagine

what it means to be a steel company.

At Big River, there’s no talk of the status quo.

True innovation is rebellious.