Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Can you see the future of the steel industry? Look closer. It’s focused on an advanced Flex Mill™ run by an innovative group of steel visionaries. It’s manned by highly-skilled technicians who embrace a new way of steelmaking. It’s committed to the environment, safety and sustainability because good business is responsible business. And it’s all made possible by bold partners like you who want to be part of creating the steel industry of tomorrow.



The cost of admission for this tour is innovation

Located in Mississippi County, Arkansas, Big River Steel’s Flex Mill™ sits on 1,300 acres bordered on the east by the mighty Mississippi River and to the west by a main line railroad operated by BNSF. Think our location sounds impressive? Just wait ‘til you look inside.


Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality – Abraham Lincoln

Our technology allows us to produce the most demanding steels. But we have some internal demands as well. We are committed to advancing the environmental and safety standards of the steel industry.


The energy that propels us today must also protect us for tomorrow

Ask almost anyone in the steel industry and they most likely will tell you that steel is the world’s most recycled material. But what will be steel’s next well-known environmental fact? Together we must keep pushing for more, be it innovation in the use of scrap metal and virgin materials, reductions in the waste heat generated during the production process, improvements to our energy grid to produce energy more efficiently, or developing new steels to support our energy independence.