It’s what we ask of every Big River team member who decides to join us in reimagining the steel industry. And it’s what every team member deserves from us in return. That’s why our focus on the health and safety of our employees is unrelenting. Advancements in steelmaking have allowed our industry to automate many of the most demanding processes, keeping workers out of dangerous conditions. Our top priority is to develop and apply stringent health and safety practices to ensure the well-being of our people. They deserve nothing less than our commitment to always put safety first.

Big River Steel mill operator in cold mill pulpit

We are proud that the products we make extend our commitment to safety far beyond our own walls. Big River is the only steel manufacturer to partner with the Center for Collision Safety and Analysis (CCSA) at George Mason University. The engineers and research scientists at CCSA use advanced technology to develop computational models to analyze the safety performance of materials, including steel, used in vehicles. Together with CCSA, Big River is working to make sure steel continues to enhance the safety of everyone on the road today and in the vehicles of the future.

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