As a material that can be recycled again and again, steel may just be the perfect example of sustainability. Our job is to expand upon perfection.

Big River Steel Sustainability

The sustainable or green story of steel is one in which we are extremely proud to embrace and take to the next level. Beyond the inherent recyclability of our products, we continue to strive to use steel to positively impact the world in which we live and work. At Big River Steel, much of our research and development focus is on the steels that have applications to positively impact our environment so future generations can enjoy the same lifestyle we have today. As the construction industries focus on Life Cycle Assessments and the automotive industry strives to meet higher fuel economy standards, they deserve a steel partner that will roll up its sleeves and work alongside them. The future of our environment deserves that as well.

In March 2017, Big River became the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified steel mill. LEED certified buildings are designed, constructed, maintained and operated with a focus on environmental and human health attributes. To learn more about the impact of our LEED certification, watch the video below.