January 15, 2021

Big River Steel Becomes a U. S. Steel Company

After just over a month from U. S. Steel announcing the decision to acquire the majority share of Big River Steel, we are pleased to announce that all regulatory requirements associated with the transaction have been cleared, and U. S. Steel has successfully completed the acquisition today.

This integration of our two great companies paves the way to realizing the full potential of the “Best of Both” strategy. By leveraging mini mill and integrated steelmaking process paths, product capabilities, and our collective ingenuity, we have created a more customer-focused company capable of producing high-quality, value added, environmentally sustainable steel solutions.

Big River Steel remains the only LEED-certified steel production facility in the United States. By combining Big River Steel’s more than three million tons of ultra-low-carbon footprint steelmaking capability with more than a century of U. S. Steel research, development and advanced finishing lines, this transaction forges a key that will unlock highly sustainable, cutting-edge products, such as U. S. Steel’s proprietary XG3™ advanced high-strength steel, for new applications that were once not possible.

The “Best of Both” strategy is designed to offer significant competitive advantages to our collective customers seeking the most sustainable steel in response to the demands requested by both carbon conscious end consumers and ingenious industrial engineers alike who expect our products of tomorrow to outperform today’s standards.

As we embark on our new future, we would ask that you continue to communicate with and ask questions of your existing Big River Steel and U. S. Steel representatives regarding your day-to-day business needs. We will continue to communicate regularly with you as the integration progresses, as our goal in this process is to make this transition as seamless to you as possible.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please do not hesitate to contact your Big River Steel or U. S. Steel commercial team.


Keith Shuttlesworth

Chief Commercial Officer
Big River Steel