Big River Steel and U. S. Steel Celebrate One Year of Partnership

One year ago, Big River Steel welcomed U. S. Steel’s investment in the company to create the "Best of Both" future of steelmaking.

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Big River Steel Doubles Capacity: Expansion Project Achieved Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget

The Phase Two expansion budgeted at $716 million will double Big River Steel’s production capacity to 3.3 million tons annually.

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An Update for Our Customers

An update for our customers on our galvanizing line and other operations which continue to run at or above rated capacity.

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A Letter to Our Customers Regarding COVID-19

Our top priority is keeping our team members safe and healthy. We have contingencies in place to allow us to maintain that commitment while continuing to fulfill customer needs.

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Big River Steel Attracts $700M Investment from U. S. Steel to Form Joint Venture Partnership

Big River Steel announced today it has entered into an agreement with U. S. Steel in which Big River will receive $700 million in cash in return for a minority ownership interest in its scrap recycling and steel production company.

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VIDEO:, Dell & Big River Steel are Changing Manufacturing

By using the predictive data capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), Big River Steel can make steel with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency, and new grades of steel can be produced with condensed trial times.

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Big River Sponsors Devin Moran and Dunn-Benson Motorsports

Big River Steel is proud to be a 2019 sponsor of North Carolina based Dunn-Benson Motorsports and driver Devin Moran.

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Big River Given Reporting & Goal Setting Award at the TPG Sustainability Leadership Council Summit

Big River Steel was recently honored with TPG’s “Reporting & Goal Setting” award during the annual TPG Sustainability Leadership Council Summit in Chicago.

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Taking Care of Our Environment While We Take Care of Business

In March 2017, Big River’s Flex Mill® became the first steelmaking facility to be LEED certified. From day one, it was our commitment to give back not to just to the community, but to our physical surroundings.

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