Big River Steel
2027 State Hwy 198
Osceola, AR 72370

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Someday Became Today

Steel in the Transportation Revolution

We’re in a revolutionary time in transportation and manufacturing. Not since the invention of automobiles has there ever been so much opportunity for advancements in vehicle design and performance. Watch the video to learn more.

Big River Steel's LEED Certification

In March of 2017, Big River became the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified steel production facility in the nation thanks to our environmental sustainability efforts and energy efficiency performance. Watch the video to learn more.

That's What Rebels Do

Big River is a visionary, entrepreneurial approach to the ever-changing American manufacturing industry. We’re reimagining what it means to be a steel company in the global marketplace. Because that’s what rebels do.

Big River Steel Grand Opening March 1, 2017

Big River welcomed nearly 700 guests to its official Grand Opening on March 1, 2017. Set to the theme of “Rebels Wanted”, the day started with a motorcycle roaring into the bay where the event was hosted before the presentations started. Watch the video to hear Dave Stickler’s comments from that one-of-a-kind day.

Big River's Water Model for Casting

In the steel making process, casting is a critical moment. If the submerged entry nozzle (SEN) isn’t performing just right, the end product may not live up to quality standards. Watch the video to learn more about Big River’s water model for casting.

Dave Stickler Interview

with World Steel Dynamics

The status quo is not acceptable at Big River Steel. It’s in the company’s DNA to challenge the way things have always been done. In this interview, Big River CEO Dave Stickler sheds some light on what made the start up of the world’s first Flex Mill™ a success.