Time to flex that U.S. manufacturing muscle once again

With competition coming from all corners of the world, it’s time for American steel to once again drive innovation. To do so, we competitively produce the most-challenging steels, from light-weight advanced high-strength steels to the complex electrical steels, energy pipe grades and coiled plate dimensions that today’s — and tomorrow’s — big thinkers demand.

Sometimes it is cool to be the new kid

Imagine the birth of a steel mill descended from only the best traits of an integrated and a mini mill. That’s us — the new kid everyone is talking about. We’ve built the world’s first Flex Mill™, merging the wide product mix and superior grade capabilities of an integrated mill with the nimbleness and technological advancements of a mini mill.

What's in a name?

Truth be told, you could care less about fancy names like Flex Mill™. You care about two things: quality and capability. We have two words to say to that: check and check.

Big River Steel provides unequaled “flex-ability” by:

  • Evolving beyond a traditional electric arc furnace (EAF) mini mill with a Ruhrstahl Heraeus (RH) degasser for cleaner, more formable steels
  • Adjusting from thin slab to medium slab thickness to deliver better properties
  • Enhancing customer responsiveness by investing in leading-edge technologies


Just the facts, ma'am

  • 1.6 million tons per year
  • Widest and thickest hot strip ever produced by a North American electric arc furnace / compact strip production mill – 78” wide and 1.00” thick
  • Chemistry and mechanical properties previously not possible from a mini mill

Just the specs, sir

  • Able to direct charge hot briquetted iron (HBI) into the furnace, critical for niche steels in the automotive and electrical industries
  • RH degassing technology for lower carbon and nitrogen levels crucial for certain forming and drawing applications
  • Liquid core reduction technology at the caster to dynamically change slab thickness and allow for wider/lighter cross section sizes as well as higher strength grades
  • More powerful tunnel furnace for the most demanding steel grades
  • Enhanced cooling in the run-out table for highest quality steels

Sparks of Genius

Don’t think our innovation is limited to the technology and equipment in our mill. From product development to information systems to customer solutions, part of our Flex Mill™ is also the company that supports it. Big River Steel has empowered the next generation of steel technicians.