Additional Industries

A century ago, the United States was by far the largest steel producer in the world. Isn’t it time that American manufacturers can rely on domestic mills for the steels they need for the next hundred years?

Big River Steel Additional Industries

When we are asked why the world needed another steel mill, our answer is simple: The United States remains a net importer of steel. Beyond the patriotism that evokes as the world’s first steel economy, are some harsh realities. Some American companies looking to grow or re-shore their manufacturing are unable to source the niche steels needed to make that happen. Through our research and development efforts, we intend to give them that opportunity – now and into the next century.

For commodity grade steels, we believe choice is vital for industries to thrive and grow. Even more important, that choice must include partners who are willing to roll-up-their-sleeves and innovate in a world where competition knows no geographic boundaries.

Some of the industries we are proud to partner with include:

  • Ag implements
  • Agricultural products
  • Building components
  • Containers
  • Heavy equipment
  • Metal buildings
  • Utility and highway safety