We know the words you need to hear when looking to purchase: Product range. Responsive. Reliable. And, yes, Price. We, on the other hand, are hoping to hear just one word: Partner.

Big River Steel Distribution Industries

The love/hate relationships of typical steel distribution channels are long overdue for an overhaul – and we’re just the ones to do it. Part of our definition of a Flex Mill™ is infusing every part of our business, not just our production side, with better ways of operating. In working together, that means a focus on customer experience – your experience – that the industry has been lacking. From a state-of-the art portal built from your point of view to a sales team structured to your needs, we intend to earn the title of Partner.

On the practical side, our range of products from light gauge to heavy, from narrow to wide, has the potential to make us the broadest product supplier in the market. For those service centers operating in niche areas such as automotive or electrical, together we can leverage our innovation to deepen the niche offerings those industries are seeking from a domestic supplier.