Statistics forecast that global electrical consumption will more than double in the next two decades. In response, we’re doubling down to meet that need. We view our approach as Bright Lights – Big Steel.

Big River Steel Electrical Industries

In North America, increasing electrical demand is placing added stress on a grid already in dire need of past-due replacements of aging infrastructure along with additional investment in more powerful generators and transformers. Serving the demanding material needs of the electrical market – a challenging sector for most domestic mills – is one of the reasons we first dreamt of building Big River Steel.

Of the three general categories of electrical steels – motor lamination, non-grain oriented and grain oriented – Big River will initially focus on the full spectrum of motor lamination steels, producing all nine grades. Our commitment to the electrical industry will be seen as we introduce semi-processed non-grain-oriented silicon steels based on our temper mill’s capabilities of elongation up to 10%. As the only electric arc furnace/compact strip production (EAF/CSP) mill in North America capable of making the full spectrum of motor lamination steels and non-grain oriented steels, we don’t intend to rest there. The construction of our mill already includes the infrastructure for additional equipment that will expand our silicon steel offerings to the most-demanding, fully-processed non-grain-oriented and grain oriented steels including Hi-B.