Pipe and Tube

Higher-strength, lower-weight steels are the darlings of the industry these days. We’re making sure those innovations have pipe and tube front and center.

Big River Steel Pipe & Tube Industries

The transportation industry tends to grab most of the spotlight in conversations discussing innovation in advanced high-strength steels. We believe pipe and tube applications deserve equal billing, and that includes a focus on higher grade materials application both in energy and tubing. European steel makers are pursuing innovations for lightweighting and strengthening hollow structural sections (HSS) and we rival their commitment. Pipe and tube applications will never be viewed as an understudy when it comes to innovation if we have our way.

As a Flex Mill™, Big River Steel can achieve advanced physical properties in wider and heavier high-strength grades providing broader offerings than traditional mini mills. These wider products allow for higher number of mults per coil, reducing inventory and improving efficiency of slitting. For those customers looking to buy toll slit packages, a hot rolled heavy-gauge slitter is available on the Big River campus.