From railcar to barge, from automotive to tractor-trailer, we’re focusing a large portion of our research and development efforts on producing the products American manufacturing needs to continue moving at the speed of steel.

Big River Steel Transportation Industries

If what you manufacture moves and has an engine, you are undoubtedly looking for ways to reduce weight and the resulting fuel needs. As you seek to balance those demands with ever-increasing safety and environmental standards, you need look no farther than the specialty steels Big River will be producing, including advanced high-strength steels. The promise of the world’s first Flex Mill™ is to work by your side, pushing the boundaries of what steel can do. Together, we bring innovation back to the industry to keep you moving full-speed ahead.

Big River Steel significantly broadens the availability of domestic advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) production, especially the steels requiring the highest strength and lightest weight. We are capable of producing various classifications of AHSS including:

  • Dual-phase steel (DPS) is a high-strength steel that has a Ferrite and Austenitic microstructure
  • Complex Phase (CP) steels typify the transition to steel with very high ultimate tensile strengths. The microstructure of CP steels contains small amounts of Martensite, retained Austenite and Pearlite within the Ferrite / Bainite matrix. An extreme grain refinement is created by recrystallization or precipitation of micro alloying elements like Ti or Cb.
  • Martensitic (MS) steels are characterized by a Martensitic matrix containing small amounts of ferrite and/or Bainite. MS steels are often subjected to post-quench tempering to improve ductility, and can provide adequate formability even at extremely high strengths.
  • Ferritic-Bainitic (FB) steels have a microstructure of fine Ferrite and Bainite. Strengthening is obtained by both grain refinement and second phase hardening with Bainite.