Think of the hundreds of thousands of sensors, scanners and detectors that our Flex Mill® equipment uses every day as we turn scrap metal into new, niche steel grades. All the data from that equipment is read, measured and reported every step of the way. Now imagine harvesting that data, and the immense amount of knowledge and insights it contains. Imagine using that information to make those quality steel products in smarter, faster, and more precise ways.


That’s the power of
Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Big River Steel is developing AI capabilities that directly impact how we make our steels. Our partnership with and EFT Analytics, portfolio companies of our equity sponsors, connects every part of the complex steel manufacturing process to create a Learning Mill that is integrated at a level that was previously thought impossible. Since we are constantly collecting data in real time, adding AI to the mix gives us the ability to be completely adaptive to the specific properties of each steel grade. In the exact moment it’s being produced.

With and EFT, every point of our steelmaking process from the furnace to the shipping bay can be analyzed and optimized for maximum quality and productivity. By using AI’s predictive data capabilities, we can make steel with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency, and new grades of steel can be produced with condensed trial times. No matter what type of steel you need, AI is helping us make it better and faster than ever before.

photo of learning mill and artificial intelligence | Big River Steel