November 18, 2020

Big River Steel Doubles Capacity: Expansion Project Achieved Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget

Big River Steel announced today that it successfully started up the second phase of its Arkansas-based scrap metal recycling and flat-rolled steel production facility. The Phase Two expansion budgeted at $716 million will double Big River Steel’s production capacity to 3.3 million tons annually.

“When describing the success of our Phase Two construction efforts, I am extremely proud to be able to use my five favorite words: ‘ahead of schedule’ and ‘under budget.’ This achievement is a testament to the hard work and can-do attitude of our employees,” said Dave Stickler, Big River Steel’s chief executive officer.

Originally slated to be commissioned on January 27, 2021, the mill’s second electric arc furnace, ladle metallurgical station, thin-slab continuous caster, tunnel furnace and hot mill downcoiler were brought on line more than two months early and are already being used to produce high-quality steels. With a team of experienced steel technicians and a Phase Two layout consistent with the mill’s existing footprint, Big River Steel plans an aggressive ramp-up to reach rated capacity in less than five months. Once rated capacity is reached, Big River Steel will produce close to 5,000 tons of steel per employee per annum, up almost 66% from the already world class 3,000 tons of steel per employee currently produced.

Jim Bell, chief executive officer of BRS Construction Advisory Group LLC, commented, “Being able to successfully complete a $700 million construction project in the face of the COVID pandemic is a tremendous accomplishment. The entire Big River Steel family is extremely proud of what we have accomplished.”

Big River Steel’s Flex Mill® is the world’s only LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certified steel production facility. With an industry leading carbon emissions factor of only 0.125, Big River Steel is at the forefront of the effort to provide steel consumers with “green steel.”



Each of the following companies was instrumental in the successful completion of this project. We’d like to thank them for their support and efforts.

  • Associated Brigham Contractors
  • Avalotis
  • Bracken
  • Bowman
  • Cache Valley Electric
  • D&L
  • Dozier
  • Eutaw
  • Fireline
  • Gant Concrete Pumping
  • Hale Construction
  • Hemi
  • JT Thorpe
  • Lexicon
  • Malouf
  • North American Substation Services
  • Precision
  • Razorback Concrete
  • Speakes Electric
  • Southwest Electrical
  • Stracener Brothers
  • Steel Service
  • Stevens
  • Systems
  • Thompson Construction