Cold Rolled Motor Lamination

Our cold rolled motor lamination steels are used to create the electro-magnetic core for electrical equipment and components. We’ll concentrate on creating magnetism with our customers.

Big River Steel Cold Rolled Motor Lamination

A specific type of cold rolled, motor lamination steels (CRML) are a critical component for fractional motors, requiring very specific chemical compositions, annealing practices and temper mill practices. Big River will provide cold rolled motor lamination products that meet ASTM A726 standards.

Our decision to produce CRML steels at the very start of our Flex Mill™ underscores Big River’s commitment to the electrical component markets. Current construction includes building the melt shop and process-flow to support additional finishing mill equipment in phase two of our expansion plans dedicated to producing the most demanding silicon electrical steel grades, including fully processed grain oriented and non-grain oriented as well as grain oriented HiB grades.