Cold Rolled

It’s the part of our Flex Mill® where beauty meets brawn and exceptional surface finish meets high formability.

Our range of cold rolled steel products is one of the most extensive in the industry, crafted by steel technicians who understand the science – and the art – of steelmaking.

Reducing our hot rolled coils through our continuous pickle line and in-line tandem cold mill (PLTCM) produces cold rolled steels ranging in thickness from .012” – .100” and 36” – 72” in width. Our investment in technology allows us to meet the tight tolerances and surface finishes customers demand in fully processed cold rolled steels. Our investment in the industry’s highest skilled technicians who understand the art of steelmaking is what truly makes the Big River Steel Flex Mill® hum.

On the finishing side, technicians closely monitor and control mechanical properties throughout the entire process via a continuous flow of data provided by the PLTCM and other finishing mill equipment. From the pickle line, through the cold mill and batch anneal, all the way to the temper mill, our equipment and technicians are able to craft some of the most demanding cold rolled steels.


Grades shown are representative of the capabilities of Big River Steel’s equipment. Actual grade and size capability of each material may vary in actual production. Cross-section properties may impact max and min capabilities. Please send inquiries to

Ultra Low Carbon, Interstitial-Free (IF) Steel

ASTM A1008 Latest Edition
     – DDS
     – EDDS
– SAE J2340
     – 180 Type A, B
     – 210 Type A, B

Low Carbon / Drawing Qualities

– ASTM A1008
     – CS Type A, B, C
     – DS Type A, B
– SAEJ1392
     – 035-045 (A, B, C, S, X, Y, Z)

High Strength Low Alloyed (HSLA)

‒ ASTM A1008
     – HSLAS Grade 45 Class 1, 2
     – HSLAS Grade 50 Class 1, 2
     – HSLAS Grade 55 Class 1, 2
     – HSLAS Grade 60 Class 1, 2
– SAE J2340 CR
     – HSLAS Grade 300 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 340 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 380 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 420 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 490 X, F*
     – HSLAS Grade 550 X, F

* Grade in development. Please inquire.


Structural Steels

– A1008
     – SS Grade 25
     – SS Grade 30
     – SS Grade 33 Type 1, 2
     – SS Grade 40 Type 1, 2
     – SS Grade 45
     – SS Grade 50
     – SS Grade 60*
– SAE J403
     – SAE No 1017
     – SAE No 1018
     – SAE No 1019
     – SAE No 1020
     – SAE No 1021
     – SAE No 1022
     – SAE No 1023

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

Cor-Ten A and B

     – A242 Latest Edition*
     – A606 Type 4 Latest Edition*

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

High Carbon

– SAE 1030*
– SAE 1035*
– SAE 1040*
– SAE 1050*
– SAE 1055*
– SAE 1065*
– SAE 1074*

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

Dual Phase Steel

– DP590*
– DP600*
– DP780*
– DP800*
– VDA Dual Phase
     – CR330Y590T DP*
     – CR440Y780T DP*
     – CR590Y980T DP*
     – CR600DL1 DP*
     – CR800DL DP*
     – CR1000 DP*

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

Specialty Grades

     – CR400Y690T –  TR*
     – CR450Y780T –  TR*

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

Flex Mill® Steelmaking Equipment for Cold Rolled

  • Laser welder for production of the newest steel grades that traditional line welders cannot achieve
  • Continuous variable crown (CVC) control on every cold mill stand for best in class gauge and shape control
  • In-line inspection station to visually inspect surface quality, verifying process standards are yielding demanding quality required
  • Batch anneal consisting of 24 hi-flo hydrogen stations, each able to handle a maximum coil weight of 42 tons and a total stack weight of 142 tons
  • Off-line, four-high skin pass mill with 18000kN of roll force and entry/exit bridle rolls to achieve elongations of up to 10%, required for many niche products including electrical steels
For a complete list of our cold rolled capabilities, click here.