Providing the steels needed to re-build and expand the nation’s electrical grid has been one of our priorities from day one.
Being the supplier customers rely on for cold rolled motor
lamination (CRML) will remain a priority far into the future.


Big River Steel has taken our cold rolled manufacturing capabilities even farther by providing CRML steels. Our CRML meets ASTM A726 standards for use in the electromagnetic core of fractional motors and other electrical equipment and components. Designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of electrical products, CRML requires precise chemical compositions, patient annealing practices and controlled temper mill techniques. Our steel technicians have proven they are up to the challenge.

Speaking of a challenge, we’ve already proven our mill has the capability to produce substrate for high permeability grain oriented steels for transformers and non-grain oriented steels for hybrid and electric vehicles. Planned expansions will provide us the capability to produce the full-range of electrical steel grades, all from our LEED certified mill in Osceola, to support the needs of the automotive, industrial, and power-generating markets.


Grades shown are representative of the capabilities of Big River Steel’s equipment. Actual grade and size capability of each material may vary in actual production. Cross-section properties may impact max and min capabilities. Please send inquiries to 

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Sheet Thickness 0.0185in. (0.47mm)

Core-Loss Types:

47D175, 47D190, 47D215, 47D270, 47D330, 47D380

Sheet Thickness 0.022in. (0.56mm)

Core-Loss Types:

56D230, 56D260, 56D310, 56D380, 56D440

Sheet Thickness 0.025in. (0.64mm)

Core-Loss Types:

64D260, 64D290, 64D360, 64D430, 64D490

Sheet Thickness 0.028in. (0.71mm)

Core-Loss Types:

71D410, 71D480, 71D550

Sheet Thickness 0.031in. (0.79mm)

Core-Loss Types:

79D450, 79D540, 79D610

Sheet Thickness 0.185in. (0.47mm)

Core-Loss Types:

47S155, 47S165, 47S175, 47S190

Sheet Thickness 0.025in. (0.64mm)

Core-Loss Types:

64S200, 64S210, 64S220, 64S230


Data Bulletins

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