With the features we built into our finishing mill, we may be the only steel company who uses “flex-ability” as a positive term when talking about galvanized steels.

Big River Steel Galvinized Products

Starting with either a full hard cold rolled or a hot rolled pickled band, Big River Steel’s galvanizing line produces steels ranging in thickness from .012 – .128 and from 35.5” – 73.5” in width. Once the coil passes through the zinc pot and air-knives, the addition of oil and/or chemical treatment for rust passivation, tension leveling, and temper passing are all achieved via an in-line process for speed and responsiveness.

The flexibility that has been built into every stage of our mill may actually be most apparent in our finishing equipment. We engineered our galvanized line to double as our continuous anneal line for making advanced high strength (AHSS) cold rolled by sliding the zinc pot out of the line. This provides the ability to produce AHSS in both coated and cold rolled. We even left a little flex-room for equipment to make galvanneal in the near future.