Known as one of the ‘beauties’ of carbon steel, our galvanized shouldn’t be judged on looks alone.

Outstanding surface quality is vital but we’re not just another pretty face. Look a little deeper and you’ll discover superior chemistries, including Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). The Big River Steel galvanized line is where we push the boundaries of ‘flex’ in our Flex Mill® – in a good way of course.

Using either a full hard cold rolled or a hot rolled pickled band, we pass each cleaned coil through the zinc pot and air-knives then proceed to add oil and/or chemical treatment for rust passivation. Finally, it’s on to tension leveling and temper passing to produce galvanized steels with the surface quality needed for surface-critical applications. This process of rust passivation, tension leveling, and temper passing is all achieved through an in-line process for speed and responsiveness.

To give us even more flexibility, we engineered our galvanized line to double as our continuous anneal line for producing Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) by sliding the zinc pot out of the line. This provides the ability to produce AHSS in both coated and cold rolled. We even left flexibility in our floorplan to add equipment for other coated products in the near future.

photo of galvanized steel coils | Big River Steel


Grades shown are representative of the capabilities of Big River Steel’s equipment. Actual grade and size capability of each material may vary in actual production. Cross-section properties may impact max and min capabilities. Please send inquiries to

Ultra Low Carbon, Interstitial-Free (IF) Steel

ASTM A653 Latest Edition
     – DDS
     – EDDS

– SAE J2340
     – 180 Type A, B
     – 210 Type A, B

Low Carbon / Drawing Qualities

– CS Type A, B, C
– DS Type A, B
– SAE J1392
– 035-045 (A, B, C, S, X, Y, Z)
– DC01

High Strength Low Alloyed (HSLA)

– ASTM A653
     – HSLAS Grade 40
     – HSLAS Grade 50
     – HSLAS Grade 55 Class 1, 2
     – HSLAS Grade 60
     – HSLAS Grade 70
     – HSLAS Grade 80
– SAE J2340 CR
     – HSLAS Grade 300 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 340 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 380 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 420 X, Y
     – HSLAS Grade 490 X, F*
     – HSLAS Grade 550 X, F

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

Structural Steels

– A653
     – SS Grade 33
     – SS Grade 37
     – SS Grade 40
     – SS Grade 50 Class 1, 2, 3 or 4
     – SS Grade 55
     – SS Grade 60
     – SS Grade 70*
     – SS Grade 80 Class 1, 2 or 3
– SAE J403
     – SAE No 1017
     – SAE No 1018
     – SAE No 1019
     – SAE No 1020
     – SAE No 1021
     – SAE No 1022
     – SAE No 1023

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

Dual Phase Steel

– VDA Dual Phase
     – CR330Y590T DP*
     – CR440Y780T DP*
     – CR590Y980T DP*

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

A deep dive for the techs.

For technical information on our annealing furnace, click here to read a white paper developed by Nick Lagios of Drever International USA and Denis Hennessy of Big River Steel. It was first presented at the 2015 Galvanizer’s Association Meeting.

For a complete list of our galvanized capabilities, click here.