Hot Rolled

If necessity is what drives innovation,
competition is what drives excellence.

Before we opened our doors in 2017, only a handful of companies collectively produced more than 80% of domestic hot rolled coils. We’re bringing choice back to the industry, and that’s just the beginning: we’re bringing innovation too.

Big River Steel’s Flex Mill® produces the widest and thickest steel ever made by electric arc furnace/compact strip production (EAF/CSP) in North America, and also the widest and lightest materials.

We’re one of the only domestic mills that can manufacture hot rolled coils ranging in size from .054” to 1.0″ thickness and 36″ to 77.5″ width in grades that used to only be available from integrated mills. We’re producing hot rolled coils that are American Petroleum Institute (API) grade, which is more challenging and technically demanding than traditional grades of steel. We’re also able to meet the stringent mechanical and chemical properties required to make high strength low alloy steel (HSLA). We’re also producing hot rolled coils meeting American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications up to X70 and including HIC steel. We are proud to say we are the first and only mini-mill in North America to offer our customers HIC steel.

Big River Steel hot mill coils


Grades shown are representative of the capabilities of Big River Steel’s equipment. Actual grade and size capability of each material may vary in actual production. Cross-section properties may impact max and min capabilities. Please send inquiries to

Ultra Low Carbon Steel


Low Carbon / Drawing Qualities

– CS
– DS
– SS Grade 33-40
– 1004-1008
– 1010 Modified
– Rephos

Medium Carbon

– Conversion to A36
– 1018
– 1020
– 1021
– 1022
– 1026
– SS Grade 50-60
– A53
– A252
– A139
– 22MnB5

High Strength Low Alloyed (HSLA)

– HSLA 45
– HSLA 50
– HSLA 55
– HSLA 60
– HSLA 65
– HSLA 70
– HSLA 80
– HSLA 100
– Conversion to A572
– ABS A,B,D*
– ABS DH/EH36*

* Grade in development. Please inquire.

Weathering Steel

– Conversion to A871
– A606
– A588
– A242
– Cu-bearing

High Carbon

– 1030-1055
– AR200

Advanced High Strength Steel

– DP590
– DP780
– DP980
– CP
– FB

Pressure Vessel Steels

– A516
– A414
– A455
– ASTM A537
– TC 128 Gr B

Pipe Steel (for welded pipe)

– API 5L X42
– API 5L X46
– API 5L X52
– API 5L X56
– API 5L X60,
– API 5L X65
– API 5L X70
– API 5L X80
– J55
– K55
– L80
– N80
– P110

API (sour gas)

– API 5L X52-70 HIC resistant

Flex Mill® Steelmaking Equipment for Hot Rolled

  • One of the most energy-efficient steelmaking facilities in the world
  • 165-ton EAF with a tap-to-tap time of less than 38 minutes
  • Ability to direct charge EAF with up to 100% scrap substitute material, HBI, DRI, etc.
  • Only North American mill to connect an electric arc furnace (EAF) with a Rührstahl – Herraeus (RH) degasser
  • Reduce slabs to a strip thickness of up to 1.00”
  • Higher strength levels without addition of alloys through larger reductions at hot mill
  • Liquid core reduction for ability to change slab thickness from 85 mm to 55 mm for a more comprehensive range of material dimensions and strengths
  • Caster mold mapping technology for real-time slab quality monitoring
  • Longest and most powerful tunnel furnace in North America with 19 control zones for more uniform slab temperatures
  • 6-stand, 4-high rolling mill with the newest continuous variable crowning technology in the industry
For a complete list of our hot rolled capabilities, click here.