Hot Rolled

With only a handful of companies producing over 80% of domestic hot rolled coils, we believe it’s time to bring choice — and innovation – back into the marketplace.

Big River Steel Hot Rolled Products

Big River Steel’s Flex Mill™ provides the widest and thickest steel material ever produced by electric arc furnace/compact strip production (EAF/CSP) as well as the widest and lightest products. With hot rolled sizes ranging from .054 to 1.0” thickness and 36” to 78” width, our hot mill technology is able to achieve grades previously only available from integrated mills.

This innovation is powered by two sources. First is our advanced steelmaking equipment, of course. Second is our team of steel technicians not concerned with what has been, but instead focused on what can be. Their ingenuity can be seen as Big River is the only North American mill to connect an EAF with a Rührstahl – Herraeus (RH) degasser, achieving world class carbon and nitrogen levels required by more advanced products. Our advanced caster also includes the ability to cast a 3.35″ slab for those applications that benefit from greater reduction ratios in the hot mill.