Of course, surface finish is the major benefit of hot rolled pickled & oiled. But much like the company we have built, what lies beneath gives both our products and our company an edge.

At Big River Steel, we’ve turned one of the basics of steelmaking – removing oxides and/or mill scale from the surface of a hot mill strip and adding a rust inhibitor – into a modern, highly controlled technique. We manufacture a wide range of hot rolled pickled and oiled (HRPO) products through our continuous pickling line in widths ranging from 36” to 73” and thicknesses ranging from .054” to .200”.

photo of Big River Steel PLTCM | Big River Steel

Along with the superior surface finish our Flex Mill® technology creates, advancements in our hot mill produces grades and chemistries below the surface that are equally as impressive. Maximum flexibility and control gives our steel technicians an edge in producing the HRPO steels our customers can rely on – inside and out.


Grades shown are representative of the capabilities of Big River Steel’s equipment. Actual grade and size capability of each material may vary in actual production. Cross-section properties may impact max and min capabilities. Please send inquiries to

Ultra Low Carbon Steel


Low Carbon / Drawing Qualities

– CS
– DS
– SS Grade 33-40
– 1004-1008
– 1010 Modified
– Rephos

Medium Carbon

– Conversion to A36
– 1018
– 1020
– 1021
– 1022
– 1026
– SS Grade 50-60
– A53
– A252
– A139
– 22MnB5

High Strength Low Alloyed (HSLA)

– HSLA 45
– HSLA 50
– HSLA 55
– HSLA 60
– HSLA 65
– HSLA 70
– HSLA 80
– HSLA 100
– Conversion to A572

High Carbon

– 1030-1055
– AR200

Advanced High Strength Steel

– DP590
– DP780
– DP980
– CP
– FB

For a complete list of our HRPO capabilities, click here.