October 28, 2016

Take a Behind the Scenes Peek at Big River Steel’s Water Model for Casting

In the steel making process, casting is a critical moment. If the submerged entry nozzle (SEN) isn’t performing just right, the end product may not live up to our, and your, critical quality standards.

We’ve built a full scale model of the SEN and casting process in order to have the ability to test SENs before utilizing them. Why? This gives us additional clarity into our steel making process while eliminating wasted time. That’s not only better for us, but better for you, our customers.

In addition to helping us provide better products, the water model serves as a vital training tool for Big River Steel employees. Since much of the casting process is contained within the caster, which is itself hidden from view, the model provides a visual representation of what is happening inside our latest technology mill.

This is just one example of how Big River Steel uses innovation to push the boundaries of what a steel mill can do. Watch the video to learn more about the casting process and see the water model in action.